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World's best zoo and chilling with family

Singapore Zoo and Perth, WA

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1. Zoo

Singapore zoo is incredibly trusting - you walk through the gate and there are cute little tamarins, just sitting in their tree staring at you. No bars. No fence. No barrier. That zoo actually trusts people not to pull the tails of their animals. Can you imagine that happening in the West? A lemur actually ran between James's legs in one of the enclosures.

Perhaps more surprisingly, they also have no fences around the lion and tiger enclosures, just a big moat. This means when they tell you a tiger can jump 10m, you mentally estimate the width and depth of their moat for at least two mins. Afterall, as we sadly learned in San Francisco, they don't always guess correctly on the lengths an angry tiger will go to when it wants to eat you.

They also do a night safari, where massive flying squirrels coast over your head and you get to see all the nocturnal animals become animated. Strongly recommended, great emphasis on conservation, huge enclosures and very thoughtfully laid out.

We also squeezed in time for a walk by Raffles before heading home, still as splendid as it ever was.


2. Visiting family in Perth

We've been staying with my uncle Paul, his wife Bridget and their kids, Annie and Liam, just relaxing and taking it easy. We've been down to King's Park to take in the view of Perth, down to Freemantle to see the historic prison, eat some cake and take a look at an America's Cup yacht and out for dinner. It has been lovely catching up with family and we owe a big thank you to them for letting us freeload for a few days!

Bizarrely, they have a dog, Harry, who shuns balls in favour of chasing lemons which fall from the nearby tree. He then pulverises the fruit, leaving him licking his lips an awful lot and a very frothy lemon. Gross. Lovely dog though.



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Having a dreadful time in Singapore :(

No, not really! This city is fantastic fun.

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So... we've arrived and we're officially on the road. Wahey! This feels like a bit of a miracle given less than two weeks ago we had yet to move house, replace our stolen bridesmaids dresses, repair our car after some rear-ended it, repair our ceiling after upstairs leaked upon us... you get the idea! But nonetheless, after a great leaving party (thank you so much to those who made it for giving us such a wonderful send off) and some time with our families we are officially on a six month sabbatical.

Photos will follow of the leaving party and various other friends we caught up with before we departed (be very afraid, ha ha ha!), but for now, here's some pictures of Singapore:

Little India

We kicked off the first night in Little India and went to a hawker hall in the district to try some local cuisine. Well, that looked far too 'authentic' for our taste, so we bottled it and went to the Banana Leaf Apollo, as recommended to every tourist in Singapore. But you know what? It was a very good chicken masala both at the time and with no regrets the morning after so no complaints here!

Little India is cited as the number one thing to do in Singapore by Lonely Planet which shows they are a bunch of sanctimonious hippies because while it was okay, it wasn't all that, especially when compared to Singapore's other, somewhat more capitalist oriented sights. That's not to say we didn't enjoy the place, but it would have ranked it around number five in our book.


Des at Sentosa

Meeting up with Des was our real number one! Des was at St. John's with us and now lives in Singapore. He seems on great form when we all met up at a hip beach bar on Sentosa Island (now that's more the authentic experience we had in mind...) We delighted in telling him that according to our guidebook, he lives in (wait for it...), 'The Colonial District', a title which he had never heard but obviously took a great liking to! Des is unchanged since college, i.e. still a great guy, for those of you who knew him.


Ku De Ta

After walking for hours through Chinatown and beyond, we wandered along Singapore's fantastic new esplanade, listened to some cracking tunes played by many of the live acts you see playing in the street, ate a laksa which nearly took my head off and found our way, after much trying, to Ku De Ta, a super cool rooftop bar overlooking the city skyline. If you're ever in Singapore, this bar is a must do, the view, as we will attempt to illustrate, is outstanding, and the vibe is great. Des tipped us off to this and we have probably just ruined its exclusivity by posting it online!



And that's the thing... Some of the best things to see in Singapore, in our view, are actually the modern buildings, which are really strong works of architecture. We leave you with a couple of shots...


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One week to go

Here we go then, the first blog post (hopefully of many). This one's going to be short and sweet as we're both still manically busy with last-minute travel preparations before we head off.

As you probably already know, we'll be taking some time out from things to go travelling for the next 6 months. As a way of being able to slightly keep in touch with all you kind folk back home, Anita and I will be trying to keep this travel blog up to date occasionally (internet permitting) with some updates on what we're up to, photos, a map with our itinerary and so on. As well as being able to read the blog, feel free to post comments too - they'll be most welcome.

I don't have time for much more now, but we'll be fleshing things out with a rough itinerary before we fly to Singapore out next Friday.

James & Anita

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